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Landscape Design

I enjoy helping people look at their entire piece of property and create a design that encompasses their dreams while adapting to the unique features of each parcel. For example, laying out fence lines that make rotational grazing easy will reduce the chance that pastures will be overgrazed and compacted. The water source for livestock should be located in relation to the fences to make the grazing efficient and avoid soil erosion and runoff. Manure management must be considered for any livestock including poultry. If food production is the goal, I am able to advise on spraying of orchards with conventional methods or organically and recommend the necessary fencing and irrigation.


Teaching is my passion and sharing what I have learned about the land is a joy. I am available for presentations and custom designed classes upon request. Currently, I am teaching a gardening class at Flathead Valley Community College in March. I taught over 400 Master Gardeners in the 14 years that  I served as professor and Extension Agent in Flathead County. I have taught classes on land stewardship that included pasture management, how to identify and control noxious weeds, how to develop a weed management plan to satisfy county regulations, living by the water, curb appeal for homes, encouraging wildlife and pollinators, food production including orchards and vegetables and more. I’d be glad to discuss needs for your organization or students.


I am qualified to walk your land with you and make recommendations on property design such as fencing, building location, best agricultural use, livestock management and restoration. Whether you are purchasing or selling a parcel of land, I can help evaluate and compare properties. I have a broad agriculture background and can help establish the steps you need to be successful on your land. While I was the Montana State University Extension agent, I used to say my job was to “keep people from falling into potholes.” I have seen land use mistakes that have been made out of ignorance over the last 45 years. I am happy to help you avoid them. A vast majority of first-time landowners just don’t know what questions to ask. Once you have a list of resources and a plan, your success rate will drastically improve. I enjoy helping people conquer challenges while protecting Montana’s wildlife and environment. Consulting to me is intertwined with educating. I provide a plan with an explanation of the “why” behind it. It is my desire to help you create a beautiful relationship with your land.  

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